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Created 4/10/2017 Competition Subcommittee


Overall Process: Coaches keep track of defined stats in Max Preps, enter 5/1, enter 5/19, meet 5/21, discuss 1 min each position each coach, if needed, vote 5/21.

Important dates in 2017 process:

1. Coaches/Asst need to enter teams player stats at 1/2 season (by 5/1/2017) into Max Preps, recommend enter after every game.

2. Coaches/Asst required to have player stats in Max Preps by 5/19/2017, midnight.

3. Teams in 1,2,3rd place in BVLA conference by 5/19/2017 midnight are allowed to enter 2 extra player nominees.

4. Required coaches meeting Sunday 5/21/2017, if they cannot attend send an Asst, or specific team nominations are void.

In season duties:

1. Max Prep stats to record for all BVLA conference games: goals, assists, face off wins, ground balls, save percentage, defense forced turnover.

2. By 5/19, nominate 2 attack, 2 middie, 2 defense, 1 goalie, 1 specialist, and 2 at-large positions per team for boys, along with player of the year determined from total votes. For girls: 8 attack, 6 middie, 4 Defense, 4 goalie, and player of the year determined from total votes

BVLA Voting Process:

1. No less than two representatives from the BVLA Competition Subcommittee shall administer ballot (Vote for top 3, assign ranking 1, 2, 3, with 1 being 1st team, 2 being 2nd team, 3 being HM) for each position. Girls will have a first team only.

2. For ballot identify: player name, school, grade, position. Separate ballot for each position.

3. Discuss one min each coach, vote, then next position, discuss one min, vote.....

4. Aforementioned Competition Subcommittee representatives will tally votes for each position. Announce results at end of all positions, then each coach has one appeal total.

Boys end result: 3 attack, 3 middie,3 def, 1 goalie, 1 specialist for each: 1st team, 2nd team and honorable mention. Girls will have a first team only.


Coach Award: meeting date (also on 5/21), nominated by peers, no self votes. Asst Coach, Head Coach can nominate own asst/JV. Votes will be tallied by aforementioned Competition Subcommittee representatives.