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WLF Hall of Fame Inductees

by posted 01/04/2019
Watch Boys Rule Changes Video Please!

Boys HS Rule changes

See Video HERE

by posted 03/14/2018
New Boys Stick Rules and other 2018 rule changes!!!

IMPORTANT!! - Please make sure that you are in compliance with the new stick rules for 2018.  Boys sticks must comply with NCAA rules or NCAA+NFHS rules.   Here is a link with a good summary of all the boys rule changes that occurred in 2017.

by posted 02/16/2018
2017 Girls Rules

US Lacrosse writes the rules for high school girls’ lacrosse, and those rules are endorsed by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). For 2017, US Lacrosse has produced a stand-along youth rule book for ages 14U and below. The rule sets in this book align with the principles of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM), helping to ensure age-appropriate rules that allow athletes to progress and reach their maximum potential.

For more information click HERE.

by posted 12/21/2016
2017 Boys Rules

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) authors rules for high school boys’ lacrosse. For 2017, US Lacrosse has produced a stand-along youth rule book for ages 14U and below. The rule sets in this book align with the principles of the Lacrosse Athlete Development Model (LADM), helping to ensure age-appropriate rules that allow athletes to progress and reach their maximum potential.

For more information please click HERE

by posted 12/21/2016
How Did You Miss That?

How Did You Miss That?


The following is a post written by Gordon Corsetti, Manager of Officials Education for US Lacrosse. 

We say officials have the best seat in the house. While it’s true that we are the closest to the action we can’t watch the game the same way everyone else does, which is typically watching where the ball goes. I love being on the field officiating, but I only see one-half or one-third of the entire game depending on if I’m working in a two- or three-person crew. That’s because proper mechanics demand that at least one official watches the action that no one else is paying attention to away from the ball.

by posted 12/07/2016
WLF Spring Jamboree

The 2017 WLF Spring Jamboree (March 25 and 26 at Woodside Sports Complex) needs a new leader and committee. Dave Wollin will work with the new, incoming people into February for transitional purposes.  If you are not a person that can step up to help put on this great event for the kids, please pass this on to many other people. This group needs to be in place by December, otherwise the Jamboree will not be able to continue.

Thank you for your assistance in helping me hand this over to the next generation of lacrosse volunteers. Your help is greatly appreciated.


-Dave Wollin

  • Operations (Committee Chair)
    • Oversees all aspects of the Jamboree
    • Represent Jamboree interests to the WLF Board (or through the Events Director if not on the WLF Board)
    • Develop and maintain “Rules of the Day” which include facility rules
    • Create game day schedules for all teams (on Blue Sombrero)
    • Find college teams for marquee game. Men’s and women’s
    • Develop extracurricular activities
      • Coaching/player clinics
      • Entertainment
  • Game Day/Facility
    • Work closely with Operations
    • Be on site and insure facility is set up for the event
      • Signage
    • Work with facility regarding
      • Contract/rate
      • Number of fields/length of day
      • Field equipment including balls and air horns
      • Registration/Check-in
      • Visitor/spectator services
  • Finances
    • Online Registration (Blue Sombrero)
    • Invoice/collection of fees
    • Work with WLF Grants and Marketing Directors for sponsorships and other sources of income for the event
  • Vendors
    •  Recruit vendors for the event
    •  Workout contract for event participation
  • High School Teams (Boys and Girls) - Liaison to all high school teams
    • Insure they are aware of facility and event rules
    • Answer questions
  • Youth Teams (Boys and Girls) - Liaison to all youth teams
    • Insure they are aware of facility and event rules
    • Answer questions
  • Officials
    • Work with schedulers to insure schedule of officials for training
    • Boys:
      • Milwaukee: Kohn
      • Madison: Wollin
      • Bay Valley: Gerum
    • Girls:
      • Milwaukee: O’Connell
      • Madison: Glover
    • Schedule officials for marquee game, if game is scheduled

by posted 11/07/2016
New W.L.F. Board Members

Congratulations and welcome to the new, and returning WLF Board Members. See full Board below.

Our next meeting is September 18. Please contact your League Representative if there is anything you would like to bring to the attention of the WLF Board.

Thank you.

Randy Kohn

Vice President
Wayne Hofman

Dave Wollin

Joan Jamieson

Dan Haight

Boys High School
Todd Tesch

Boys Officials
John DeVries

Boys Youth
Gerrit Gronowski

Erin Ennis

Communications and Marketing
Mark Jamieson

Lisa Kirkpatrick

Girls High School
Eliza Webb

Girls Officials
Lis Zuern

Girls Youth
Rosalyn Smith

Paul Zielski

New Programs-Boys
Billy Kraus

New Programs-Girls
Toni Wizner

John Welke

Bay Valley Representative
Mike Lange

Classic 8 Representative
Dave Sternig

Independent Representative
Roger Heath

MALA Representative
Indy Stluka

MAYLA Representative
Rudy Kuss

SEWLAX Representative
Toni Wizner

by posted 09/13/2016
Welcome New Programs!

The Bay Valley Lacrosse Association would like to welcome the addition of two lacrosse programs to the conference.  Kimberly Lacrosse Club began their program in the Spring of 2016 with the addition of youth lacrosse.  The rapid expansion of lacrosse in Wisconsin continues as the Kimberly Lacrosse Club will participate on the high school level with a Junior Varsity Boys team in the Spring of 2017.

Stevens Point Lacrosse Club started their lacrosse program in the Spring of 2016 with the addition of boys youth teams participating at multiple levels.  The club also plans to participate on the high school level in the Spring of 2017 with a Junior Varsity boys team.


Welcome to the conference!

by posted 08/10/2016
WLF Membership Registration

US Lacrosse - Wisconsin Chapter

The WLF Board is an integral part of governing lacrosse in Wisconsin. This is your opportunity to have a say to who is on that Board.

Membership registration will not only give you the opportunity to participate in the election, but also your contact information will be used to deliver important WLF news and announcements, including meeting agenda and minutes. If you are the person within your organization that should be considered the member representative, please continue reading.


Below you will find the instructions for registering to be a WLF Member. This registration will be open throughout the election process, which ends August 28. Please follow the instructions for your own registration.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact WLF Secretary Dave Wollin, .

WLF Membership Registration <<<<< Click here

  1. Register as the WLF Member. Only one registration per member allowed.

    Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation Bylaws Article 1, Section 1.03 Membership 
    Membership of the WLF shall consist of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation Board of Directors in office from time to time, who are active members of U.S. Lacrosse, Inc. and those lacrosse programs in Wisconsin that compete under the guidance of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation, being defined by the level of competition of teams and a single team within a school or club. These competition levels are boys’ high school, girls’ high school, boys’ youth and girls’ youth.
    Example: If a program supports boys’ high school teams (JV, varsity or both), and girls’ high school team (JV, varsity or both), that program would consist of two Members of the WLF. If a program supports boys’ high school, girls’ high school, boys’ youth (senior, junior, bantam or all) and girls’ youth, that program would consist of four Members.

    1. Enter your email address and password.

    2. If you have never registered, create an account by clicking the green button
       NOTE: Many Wisconsin Lacrosse members already have an account on the WLF website. If you have received emails from us, but have never entered into your account, enter your email address on the left and click the “Forgot Password” link.

  2. Complete all the account information, click the Submit button.

Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation Bylaws Article 1, Section 1.03 Membership
Program members must be identified and contact information on file with the WLF Secretary no later than August 1 of each year.

  1. On the Membership Registration Page

    1. Enter your US Lacrosse Membership Number.

    2. Select the League for which your program plays.

    3. Select the WLF Member Program you are registering for.

    4. If you are registering for multiple Members within a program, i.e. Boys HS and Boys Youth, select one from the drop down, then enter the others in the field provided.

    5. If you are a WLF Board Member and a Program Member, you must register separately for each.

  2. Click the Submit Button.

When the ballot opens, these registered members will receive the ballot for the election process.

by posted 07/28/2016
WLF Nominations

Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation

Wisconsin Lacrosse Members,


Just a reminder, the nomination period is now open for the following Board of Director positions:

  • - Vice President
  • - Treasurer
  • - Awards
  • - Communications and Marketing
  • - Boys' High School
  • - Girls' Officials
  • - Girls' Youth
  • - Grants
  • - New Programs --Boys
  • - New Programs -- Girls (open from previous election, 1-year term)


Attached is the Nomination Form. Please submit it to any one of the nominating committee via email or hard copy:


Dave Wollin (Chair), djwollin@wisconsinlacrosse.com
Susan Fernandes, sfernandes@wi.rr.com
Boyd Garey, abgarey@msn.com
Mark Jamieson, mjamieson@aol.com
Mike Lange, Michael.Lange@ferguson.com


Nominations will close July 31, 2016. The election period will be August 15-30, 2016. Voters are the registered members of the Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation. Registration information will be forthcoming in the next few days.  New Board Members will be announced August 31, 2016.  Job responsibilities for each position is posted on the WLF website. Job Descriptions


Thank you for helping us to fill these important positions that decide the direction of lacrosse in Wisconsin.


Dave Wollin

by posted 07/12/2016
Major Leauge Lacrosse - Minnesota

MLL comes to MN!

Be part of a historical crowd at National Sports Center Stadium in Blaine, MN as Major League Lacrosse brings a 2016 Playoff Semi-Final Game to Minnesota for the very first time on August 13th. The Semi-Final. Game will give fans the opportunity to watch the best professional lacrosse players at the highest level.

For all groups of 10 or more, or to request handicapped seating, please call Ticket Rocket @ 1-855- 842-7575 or Email support@ticketrocket.co


More Information

Kids aged 3 and under do not require a ticket; however they must sit on their parent or guardian's lap (cannot take up a seat).

Parking is included in the price of the ticket.

Major League Lacrosse is partnered with the Minnesota Chapter of US Lacrosse for this marquee event.


If you have any area colleges, organizations, or businesses that might be interested in joining the Fan Zone, here is a link for those folks to register:

by posted 07/12/2016
WLF Hall of Fame

Wisconsin Lacrosse Federation 


2016 Hall of Fame Inductees


Ken Bice - Contributor

Robin Buckley - Contributor

Sid Flanders - Official

Deb Glenn - Administrator

Hal Rosenberg - Contributor

Jody Spencer - Contributor

Ken Stark - Contributor

David Wollin - Contributor


Congratulations and many thanks to the above named WLF Hall of Fame inaugural class of inductees.  Each individual listed has helped to lay the foundation for our current Wisconsin Lacrosse Community. 

These individuals will be recognized at 2:45 pm on June 11th, at the State Championship venue, Carroll University.  Please stay tuned for information on the upcoming Hall of Fame dinner, which will occur in January, 2017.

by posted 06/10/2016
WLF Championships

Hello all Wisconsin lacrosse players, parents and fans,

The 2016 Wisconsin Lacrosse State Championship games are on June 11, 2016 at Carroll University - Schneider Stadium. Please see the attached information flyer for the event. In order to help make the event a success we some volunteers.

We're using VolunteerSpot (the leading online Sign-up and reminder tool) to organize our upcoming Sign-ups.  Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our Sign-up on VolunteerSpot: http://vols.pt/BX4fNx
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.

Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact Lisa Kirkpatrick at (262) 391-1148 and she can sign you up manually.

Please tell everyone to come and watch the fastest growing sport in America and in Wisconsin!  See you there!

by Sid White posted 06/02/2016
Oneida Warriors Lacrosse Classic

by posted 03/07/2016

by posted 02/08/2015
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